Sekara Picture


I don't want to lay down a wall of text here, as tempting as it may be. Here's the gist of the story of this picture: I started it a year ago. It was a present for a friend, Archdreamer. A year ago our friendship was much closer due to the circumstances of how we became friends in the first place. I got my present from her, while I kept dragging mine on and on and on. I wasn't very reliable at the time. Personal demons on my shoulder, lots of stuff happening. I'm still not quite right in the head, obviously. But Nekta is doing a great job so far at helping me move on and getting a grip on myself. I started the artblog on the way, and having to put out a picture a day really helped me learn some conscientiousness (scary word). I also had some jobs in the meantime, this strengthened up the effect as well. So this year, even though I'm a day off (I was forced to drive home for three days, the trip alone really bit out a good chunk of my time), I managed to finish this piece, which was quite a majority of the whole work. Its agedness shows a bit, particularly in the overall style of the picture, but what can you do.

I'll refrain from giving any info on the character because I don't remember jack shit anymore and that'd be nothing but a disgrace. It's a Homestuck fan-troll-goddess. Period. You want to know more, ask Archdreamer, not me. I followed the guidelines on her looks and overall attitude strictly and respectfully, but most of that was a year ago.

I don't even know how I should write the regular property footer. The character is not mine yadda yadda yadda

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