Elliott - Bio Picture

Name: Elliott [el-ee-ot]
No second name.

Age: 16
Sex: Male ♂
Sexuality: Bisexual or Pansexual, basically he doesn't delegate people by sexual identity or gender.
Boy, girl, genderless, trans*, whatever. If he likes you, he likes you. Simple as. (/UwU)/

Short for his age: 5'2" and a half.

Species: Deamon.
His 'gift' is to reincarnate the souls of the dead. (as moths)

Personality: Elliott is very timid and shy. He isn't quite mute but rarely speaks. When he does speak he talks very quietly and with a slight stutter, mainly caused from nerves. He really doesn't like being around/talking to people much, especially with more than one at a time. If he is with a large group of people he gets overwhelmed and tends to panic. He enjoys his own company and solitude. He's perfectly happy being alone with his thoughts and his moths.
He's pretty naive and, as he's not used to talking to people, he takes phrases literally. If someone uses a lot of phrases or sarcasm he can get quite flustered and embarrassed as he can't understand what they're saying, but doesn't want to say.
Under the surface hes pretty emotional. He just wants someone to care about him. .n. Hes a bit of a scared-y cat and can be quite negative about most things.
If however, you manage to break through the thick mental barrier he has with people and gain his trust, he will stand by you and protect you for life.

He spends a lot of time in places like forests, because they're quiet, shaded and there’s rarely people there.
He also likes moths, a lot. (see below)

Abilities: He decides whether the soul of a person who has died is reincarnated or simply wisps away to nothing. (How 'good' or 'bad' the person was is usually irrelevant. The choice is mostly random.) The souls he reincarnates are turned into moths. He likes this because the moths then become his friends.
(Why moths, I hear you ask? Moths constantly represent the dead/ghosts in mythology, or are shown as omens of imminent death.)

He also has a defence, which is a stream of smoke that comes out of his mouth. He can control the smoke which then essentially becomes a third hand. He then makes the smoke wrap itself around the neck of said unfortunate person, lifting them off the ground and suffocating them, while they breathe in the toxic smoke, choking to death.
However he dislikes killing living things unless provoked or if he or something/someone he cares about is threatened.

Extra info/weaknesses: His body is made up of 80% smoke. (Because of this, using normal knives, bullets etc do not leave any sort of physical injury... but huRt LIKe a bitCH. ;n; Why would you do that to my baby and usually make him keel over in pain, giving his attacker an opening.

Also eating food is a very bad idea and makes him violently sick. .n.

Super bonus hint:
His body suddenly tenses up and then relaxes before he uses his smoke defence... which is a dead giveaway but also a warning to run in the opposite direction very quickly.

I could write a book about him omg. So much info. xnx

Art and Elliott © ~ghos-t
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