Even Angels Fall.. Picture

"Is this right? To treat him like this?"

"He is a stubborn beast that needs to learn his place."

"But... the papers and the reports... they call him the 'Angel of New York'..."

"Even angels fall."


Scene for a discussed plot point in the family's Gargoyle rp.

Sirius (Seismicwave) got tired of his family constantly disobeying him so with Violent's help, he put them under a spell to get their unconditional love and obedience. Wesley (Wavelength) and Ran (Rapid) follow and listen to him without question. Scratch, once he heard what had happened, goes to demand Wesley's freedom.

For awhile now, Sirius has heard of the 'Angel of New York', Scratch's nickname for the feathered wings, and known it was gargoyle. By this point in the story though, he also knows of Scratch and Wesley's relationship and isn't too pleased.

So not only does he want the 'Angel' under his control as another one of his gargoyle servants, he was also wants to punish him.

Anyway, Scratch wants Wesley's freedom, but Sirius doesn't want to give Wesley up. However, he does want to control Scratch. He agrees to free Wesley as long as Scratch agrees to become his servant which the fox agrees to. Afterwards, he's knocked out and taken to the dungeons and initially just chained up by his neck. Then he discovers Wesley is still under the spell and accuses Sirius of double-crossing him to which Sirius tells him he agreed to release Wesley; he just didn't say when.

Understandably, Scratch is pretty pissed, but he still keeps his promise to Sirius if it means Wes's eventual freedom. However, he doesn't agree with a lot of Sirius's orders and most of the time outright refuses to work... which after several beatings and the trine carving into him while he is stone during the day, results in his sorry state here; chained up, scarred, and nearly broken of his will-power.

The above conversation is between Ran and Sirius. Ran, though still obedient to his father, is still questioning the treatment of a mythological creature he has adored for years. Sirius is indifferent to Scratch's condition and will keep him like this until Scratch's free-will is virtually non-existent.


I apologize now for the... disproportionate arms. They looked fine on the sketch but I think when I snapped the picture (I don't own a scanner), it was angled so... yeah.
EDIT: One, I know, I know. Scratch should technically have blood staining his fur and all that. Thing with Sirius though is he doesn't like for things to be messy so he doesn't let the trine carve too many scars and whatever blood has been shed, he cleans it up.

Two, none of this has happened yet. |D

End Edit.

Gargoyles (c) Greg Weisman
Wesley (c) *Arcane-Angel
Scratch (c) *RegretfulDragon
Sirius (c) sally-chan
Ran (c) *hello-tech
Violent and trine (c) *GraciferPrime
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