Ongweng Mwammoja - White Snake Picture


Ongweng Mwammoja is (code name) The White Snake.

Onja(for short) works for a Mercenary group whose central operation is in Eastern African.
She at first glance looks like a normal woman, but she is infact the 'Medusa'.

According the most well known mythology of the greeks she was changed into an ugly gorgon (by Athena) that changed persons into stone by looking into her eyes.

According to her the true history is, "I devoured a cockatrice and subdued its powers. Those Greeks have been fabricating stories for hundreds of years! And I got raped? FAN BOYS!"

Onja is from a tribe of healers who specialize in tissue restoration and general fast recovery from most wounds.
The coveted animal of her tribe was the White Snake;also known as the Mamba. It was the symbol of healing because of the use of its venom to create many healing potions.

Personal History - As a young girl Onja was granted her power by Yemaya, the water guardian, for pulling her out of salty sea water she had accidentally fallen into. She placed the blessing upon her head taking her tribe's symbol for healing and making it akin to the twisted strands of her hair.

"You're life time shall be as long as the "snakes" upon your head's growth."

Her dread locks were transformed into coiling white snakes that not only were alive, but could sensual perceptions back to Onja.
(In truth it takes more effort for her to make the snakes retain a normal hair apperance than letting them slither around naturally as snakes. But they'll usually lie still and appear as dreads for her at most times.)
With this new development Onja became the best doctor in her village able to use the strange venoms of each of her snakes to create medicines for her people.

One day a Cockatrice found its way into the village and wrecked havoc, changing people to stone and destroying huts. Onja wanting to stop the carnage engaged the beast and used her snakes to fight it, they soon devouring it whole.
With this event as was able to contract the Cockatrice's petrifying ability.
She soon after would leave her village and travel the world wanting to test her abilities. The fire of battle had gotten into her heart and she had to feed its flames.

Onja has lived over one thousand years but appears to be in about her late 20's. She has held many occupations and fought many battles, going from general of an army to an assassin for money, even a well known medical healer.

Self Restoration - by way of her white snakes she is able to recover from every wound she has sustained thus far in her life. Her most fatal wound was getting her head chopped off, which regrew after a day or so.

Skin shedding - Actually more of a 'body shedding' technique she can molt out of an "old" body, reforming in a fresh one(Probably the reason she still appears to be so young).

Power Greed - Any time one of her snakes devours any being with a power or special ability it will be passed onto her.

Petrifying Snake - through the use of her snake that devoured the cockatrice she is able to turn just about anything to stone by glaring at it.

Titan Strength - by devouring the arm of a Titan she was able to gain his strength. She can strike anything at a focused point with enough force to shatter titanium like glass.

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