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I really hated how Ronski Looked like fatter and medievalist version of Kale, so i gave him a little redesign!

His old body build didn't reflect his personality at all...
This Dimwitted, cynical meanie deserves something better!

Well... Now he looks like miniature gorilla popeye with bucket on his head... But damn, isn't he fun do draw now!

Ronski is also a Finnish slang word meaning "burly and outspoken", so his name is even more fitting.

Maybe i should give him a little bio here...


So... The guy is known as Ronski.
His unofficial title is "Roseless", which he gained in the past when he still was playing the role of white knight who just wanted to act noble and save the day!
Too bad that story didn't want a happily ever after ending. So... Only few dragons where slain, no king gave him half a kingdom or his daughters hand, no gold and riches or anything our hardworking hero should have deserved.

Ronski is short and brutich looking guy who travels trough lands while experiencing more or less wanted adventures with his flying and talking stone companion Murikka.

He is somewhat quiet, short tempered and greedy personality. Rarely will he do anything that doesn't benefit him somehow. He still do call himself a knight, but acts more like mercenary...
I mean... What sort of knight steals all the clothes from poor villagers after that so called "knight" too care of that nasty monster for them?

He doesn't look too bright and he isn't that either. You can safely call him idiot if you want.

Just don't piss him of or you might and will have your face remodeled in all sort of brutal ways available. If you are lucky, he will just use his fists.
If you are unlucky you will get to taste his mace "Mölhöri"
(Mace acts VERY similar to hammer Mjöllnir in Norse mythology, just without the thunder part)

Sure hes still got that naive and credulous knight in shining armor under that new less shiny sour armor of his. There is still little moral and nobleness in this guy... Murikka got superb ability to bring that side out from him!

"The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.'
I agree with the second part..."

Eating and drinking (don't ask me how he does that!)
To hit stuff
Being sarcastic and snarly
To own valuable stuff..
...Spend it right after
To get in trouble
large chests (In all forms...)
Strong persons

Braggers and Show offs
... And anything that tastes sweet
To get in trouble (It depends...)
Tall persons
Empty chests (Also in all forms...)
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