No Escape Picture

More BFL rp sketches x3 Well this is more of a drawing but meh lol. Not a scene really, just a doodle idea, plus after seeing this pose in a cosplay picture I wanted to try and draw it out. Though in this picture my character is being held up a bit by Widdy here and he's using that ring of his to keep her up against on the other side >3 Obviously she tried fighting him earlier with her sword in the corner but it was a useless attempt as you can see xD Plus the difference of the pose I saw is that I added her having a leg showing around Widdershin's waist. Compared to him she's not very tall xD

-In the rp her emotions of negativity, though mainly anger, connected her to Widdershin in the first place, being the reason she was also summoned into the fictional world. So every time she gets pissed Widdy feeds off of that emotion(s) and only gets stronger xD
-There are mistakes, yeah I know his ring thing is crooked, but as in drawing the guy he used to be really hard for me to draw so I think I've improved =^^=

Tales of Me character belongs to me/Edward269.
BFL is DA's Black-Fire-Limstella
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