Fenrir Picture

HaHA! I have been wanting to finish this for a week or so, but have been busy with other work, so today I went to town on the color and got it done. The color is kind of all over the place, because I'm still trying to find a method of applying color that I like. Definitely kept switching brush settings and messing around with the texture option every couple of minutes, so I'm a little surprised it doesn't look more messy than it does.

Anywho, this is my take on Fenrir of Norse mythology. Pre-Gleipnir, obviously. Not quite on-model (he kind of feels somewhat Wolverine-ish in this), but I think the spirit of his design comes across. Unlike Jormungandr, Fenrir is a "destroy stuff now, ask questions later" sort of guy, and has a tendency to berserk into wolf-mode that makes his peers nervous. He has respect only for Tyr (until Gleipnir) and his sister Hela.

If you're curious, here's my design of Jormungandr: Drop the Magic

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