Isis Cassidy Picture

After posting her info on the forum and debating adding her here, Im placing Isis on DA...In scraps...

She is 1/2 Irish and 1/2 Egyptian. Her parents met while her father was visiting Egypt and her mother worked as a tour guide. They fell in love and married before moving to Ireland. When Isis was born, she was given her name because her mother had studied Egyptian mythology for most of her life. Her mother died in childbirth so she was raised by her father.

Isis' father has two siblings, a brother and sister. His brother marries another Irish and they have four kids; Nuala Cassidy, Meghan Cassidy, Alastar Cassidy, Brady Cassidy. His sister marries a Scottish man and they havefour kids as well; Tavie Boyd, Roslyn Boyd, Morgan Boyd, Edan Boyd

but yeah...She is about 15/16 hours old so she will probably be reworked a little in the next few days...Either way, I love the hair/skin combo...

Isis- *CourtJesterMieko
PoT- Konomi Takeshi
base- ~Tabii-Chan
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