.:Gungo:. Mimzy Ref Sheet Picture

Name: Mimzy

Age: 19

Eye Color: Lime Green

ID: Mythological Hybrid

Place of Birth: Land of Deceit

Birth Date: November 10, 2993

Weapon: Ring Guns

Personality: Often fussy and bossy, Mimzy can turn out to be a very likable young lady if given the time. She fails to notice her “cuteness” that Caine points out all the time. She often tries and fails to capture him for the bounty, whining about it for a long period of time. She often hides in various costumes to trick her targets and catch them.

History: Mimzy was born into the family of Veros. As the only daughter and female blood of the family after her mother’s death, she was often looked down on. The family rejected her connection to the family after seeing that she was a hybrid when she grew to the age of five. She left the land after being sent to live with a poor family in village on the outskirts of the land. When Mimzy turned 16, she became a bounty hunter and left to Mars to start her training. There, she met Faren, Able, and Jay, who she soon considered her family. Though she denies her true feelings, she considers Caine her worst enemy after meeting him in the village of her homeland.

Likes : Plushies (mostly bunnies, cats, and baby seals), Sweets, actually catching her own bounty for once.

Mythological Hybrid: A Mythological Hybrid is half human and half animal. In Realm 1, they are considered demons just as the rest of the Trabanians and/or bad spirits who come to Realm 1. In Realm 2 and on Mars, they are given a home and welcomed with love.

Trabanians: The shape-shifters, ghouls, mythological hybrids, and other creatures that live in poverty. Thieves, assassins, and other guilds are considered Trabanians although they hold much profit from the underground.

Hoookay... yeah I hope this profile explains a good bit. ;v;
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