Sailor Abell 665 FIN Picture

Richness Class Level: 5 (only one to be so)
Status: Leader of the Abell Cluster Soldiers
Past Life: Once known as Empress Eki of the Radiance, she is reborn on Earth when her life was forfeited in her previous life due to that she gave up her life to save her newborn child from imminent death by sacrifice demanded by the Diviners of her home world. Because she gave up her life, her daughter inherited the throne and would later become Empress Eki of the Shine and made her mother into an powerful Goddess of Lore, of unimaginable strength, power, heart, and love. Eventually, this dedication becomes a part of the world's mythology, the name Eki used as the name of the Goddess and the reason why each Empress is named Eki.

Current Life: Alodia, or Ally, grew up in a big family, in a poor home, that thrived on imagination, love, and family ties. She is the second youngest in a family of six children and is the only one who have graduated college (to earn a bachelor's degree) and obtain a teaching certificate afterwards. She spends a great deal of her time with children, usually supervised by the master teacher but she does also tutor children in the after school programs. For her free time, she often takes exploration hikes in the wilderness, reads up on various cultures and places (her favorite being European culture as well as Culture of Greek), and collects various art pieces (from statues to paintings to little idol pieces).

She's currently under the tutelage of her master teacher and is currently at the stage of learning where she attends the class of her teacher and watches how her teacher works and deals with the classroom and students. Eventually, she'll be allowed to teach in small bits. She has another requirement to act as a student teacher in another semester elsewhere before she becomes a full-fledged teacher.

One day, on her searching for art in a thrift store, she comes across a flower-shaped diamond-like gem (unattached to anything, thought to have been part of a necklace or pendant) that Ally buys because it's pretty. Because it's a thrift store, she assumes it's worthless (like costume jewelry) that she makes into a necklace by the help of the local jewelry store who tells her that while it's not worth a lot, it isn't really costume jewelry but made of tunellite that had been hand-crafted into it shape.

This item turns out to be her henshin object to become Sailor Abell 665, the Abell Soldier of Radiant Energy and Heat. Her level as a sailor soldier is very low compared to the infamous Sailor Moon and friends and her kind serves a much different purpose but to help aid the environment of the world to help cleanse it from the dangers that stem from warping the environment (be it natural or by an actual, physical enemy instead of natural causes).

When she transforms (Radiance, Make Up!), her henshin object becomes her tiara. All of the henshin objects of the Abell Soldiers are jewelry worn by them (from head, ears, neck, arms, legs, etc) that change form and become bigger.

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