Proteus Cover Picture

This is a design for a cover to a comic I'd one day hope to get published. It's based loosely on the mythological character Proteus, a shape-shifting prophet, and details his life in the modern world.

In my storyline, he's living in New York (It seems every comic book hero lives in New York) and living his life, hiding his true powers behind the latest identity he's created for himself-- That of a seventeen-year old highschool girl named Amanda Reilly.

In my way of thinking, he's a shapeshifter and as such his personality and sense of self are a matter of whim. He's got no real gender identity beyond whatever he decides to have and is only referred to as a "he" because he was male when the myths were written. And to his logic, what better place to hide a shape-shifting, future-seeing, former king of Egypt (he was, look it up) than in the body of a highschool mall rat?

For the record, I love criticism, but anyone out there freaked out by people changing genders or that kind of thing, please don't comment. This is fiction, it's not on the stands, and you're internet browser has a back button, so whatever exposure you have to it is entirely up to you. Remember, Proteus isn't human, he just plays one on TV.
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