Keysei Rhima Picture

^o^ Keysei is the Descendant of Iori Rhima. Keysei is not a student but an Instructor. He's very nice to his students, but his work he gives is very hard. Keysei is the youngest Instructor, and is a very popular guy. He Despises Bullying and especially the Dueling in the school. Even though he hates the school's rule, he still has to follow them.

He carries Twin Daggers called "Gate Way" cause the daggers were forged from the Gate's of Heaven, and a Blade Spinner called "Astral Sky" because it's shaped like a star and Shines Brightly when in use.

Keysei Rhima:

-Age: 22 Years Old
-Race: Human
-Class/Job: Instructor/Assassin
-Birth Place: Fyniln of the Psynx Kingdom
-D.o.B.: 27th of Mairoe
-Height/Weight:6'1" , 145lbs
-Religion: Mortition
-Weapon of Choice: Gate Way "Twin Daggers" Astral Sky "Blade Spinner.

PS: Keysei closely resembles Kyte, even though he's the Descendant of Iori. He still has no Idea about Kyte's History, but Kyte's is a Famous Mythological Character, because no one knows a lot of the PAST.

PPS: He is always pressured on by the other Instructors because he young, and he be taken advantage of.

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