Summon Dream - Gronw Pebr Picture

EDIT: Now 20% more radiant. My experiment proved people click on deviantions more if they have colour!

NOTE: It's Gronw Pebr in the title cos I had to shorten it. Pebr means 'the radiant' but I thought it was better to translate its meaning for the game itself or noone would get the irony.
He's actually named that cos of that one lock of rainbow hair on his forehead, not for any redeeming moral qualities.

More work in progress stuff for my strange celtic RPG idea! This guy is the first major boss in the tutorial so I supposed I should draw him.
There's actually a lot more choice than it seems in the short blurb up there- you can choose to join in with Gronw's plan and share the false glory and very real swindled gratitude cash, in which case he willingly joins your party and you start with higher relationship values. Either way you still have to fight him as he jumps you as soon as he sees you spying on him and doesn't listen to what you have to say until after he's beaten.
You can also choose not to enslave him after the fight and instead banish him from the village (so he'll just do the same thing to someone else..) or kill him. With both of those options noone believes your story since you didn't keep him around to give evidence, and he shows up swindling various other towns along your adventure if you wanna recruit him later on. (Yes, even if you killed him. It turned out he faked it. XD)
But you have plenty of opportunities to get back at him for his dickishness once he's in your party. For example if you talk to him while you're low on money then you have the option of everyone ganging up to steal his fancy horn decorations and sell em XD

Oh and also I forgot to mention that his pet Typhon can talk, but not very well. (for example he calls his master 'Grunn')
This is also another one of my attempts to make everyone go 'aww' at an annelid. Is he cuter with one eye instead of nine and a random mop of hair thrown on?
His final transformation is a unique monster, based on the Typhon from greek mythology. Just cos he has an awesome crazy design basically summed up as 'maybe he has a head, maybe he doesn't, maybe he has heads for arms, maybe his eyes are bright red even if he has no head to put them on and there are 2.. no 9.. no one.. and anyway there are wings all over the place'. The only consistant thing is he has snakes for legs. Yes. typhon.png">[link]

Bonus Totally Irrelevant Trivia:
This character is based on one of the same name in Welsh Mythology. He was basically as much of a dick in his original story, trying to kill a guy (a PRINCE) just cos his wife was hot and said it was the only way he could get in her pants. The Prince came back to life and nailed Gronw with a spear thrown so hard it went straight through the rock he was hiding behind. And the conspiring wife was turned into an owl and told to f*ck off.
As for how Gronw survived this, that's a mystery..
In any case it gives him a bit of an extra layer to his mysterious travelling hero con cos he comes from that land of 'bards that stab people in the face', thus everyone over in fantasy-equivelant-of-ireland doesn't doubt his story just cos he has ridiculous pants. It's also an excuse for loads of jokes about the language difference.
"It's a mana leech."
*everyone stares blankly*
"Mana! It's a posh word for awen!"
*everyone stares blankly*
"Y'know.. aether, ichor, chakra, ki... magic?"
*everyone goes 'Oh!' and nods*
"...stupid countryfolk.."

gronw and typhon belong to bunni89
original myth equivelants belong to whoever thought them up first~
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