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© Carlos Pizcueta (Electreel)

Many of you may know something about the Ancient Alien or Astronaut theory, since it is becoming a fashionable concept nowadays. For those who don´t it´s easy to explain: it claims that some sort of alien beings came to the Earth thousands and thousands of years ago (some people even say millions of years) and stimulated the evolution of the human being as we know it today, assisting to its culturization and helping to arise the ancient civilizations. All that is supposedly proved by some facts from the mythology, cosmogony, legends and building techniques of the ancient populations. Isn´t it ridiculous? Well, I was also quite skeptic at the first time and I payed no attention to that stuff, but, about a year ago, something impelled me to revise with more detail our history. I found a book in the highschool library about ancient South American mythologies and legends. One chapter in that book caught my attention; it was about a myth that explained how the world has passed through four or five different ages, at the end of which a destructive event occurred. First one was the Tiger age, in which the world was darkened with a constant obscurity and humans were preyed by large wild felines, second was the Fire age, when ashes and lava poured to the Earth and caused huge fires, third was the Ice age, in which the Earth freezed and got covered by ice, and last one was the Water age. This one told how the gods, annoyed by the overpopulation and irresponsibility of humans, decided to cause a huge deluge in order to kill them all, except a boy and a girl that were warned. It was so similar to the Biblical Flood or the Sumerian deluge myth that I got really astonished. How is it possible that so different civilizations, with so different cultures and located so far away one from another, had bore the same story? I started to search for further information, and I found that not only those, but in almost every culture all around the world a huge ancient deluge is mentioned (later I discovered that they were talking about the post-glacial ice thawing 10,000 years ago, and the sea level rising that such event caused, but that´s right another story)

After that I began to actively study mankind´s prehistory and ancient history on my own (I prevented the use of Internet; though it´s quite an effective and fast source of information, it´s plagued with all sort of falsities and unreliable data), and I discovered such an incredible facts from those ages that probably none of you wouldn´t believe them to be true. Having finished my research and having fitted all the information together, I may say that something really weird has happened in ancient times.
I encourage all of you who are still skeptic to make an effort and seriously study this topic, you will surely change your mind.

Nevertheless, some aspects of the Ancient Alien theory still disappoint me. Main one is that almost everyone believes that those (clearly humanoid) beings that supposedly visited us were aliens. Let´s use the logic, considering what we know about evolution and development of life, apart from the slim probabilities we can come to the conclusion that it´s impossible. Besides that, why should we think they were aliens when they had such an anthropomorphic attributes? In my opinion (if they have actually ever existed) they were human beings, like us, just much more advanced technologically and knowledgeably. From where they came I don´t know, I´m still wondering.

Here´s a fact that will amaze you:
In the picture from above it is depicted the figure of a strange and suggestive being. It is one of the thousands and thousands of paintings from the Tassili plateau, in southern Argelia, in the middle of the Sahara desert. They were done by hunter-harvesters that lived at that place over 15,000-9,000 years ago, when the Sahara was an extensive wood savanna, irrigated by hundreds of rivers. Most of the paintings and carvings represent animals or daily scenery, but among all that, some weird beings appear; they are called "round-heads". Dressed with bulky articulated suits, rounded helmets and great boots, they sometimes appear standing on the ground or floating in the air, apparently descending from some sort of enigmatic objects, called "jellyfishes" by the tuareg. Unlike other paintings that supposedly represent "ancient astronauts", "round-heads" from Tassili can´t be explained by facts of the tradition, religion or imagination of the people who have done them. In my opinion they are one the most undeniable elements that prove that somebody have visited us in the past.

May I show here all the stuff I have discovered or may I not? That depends on you. Are you interested? Please leave a comment.
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