Valkyrie Picture

since im a huge lover of Norse mythology, i wanted to draw bio riding on her trusty steed zane being a badass and being a sexy Valkyrie!

norse woman where just as strong as men and had many of the same rights as men. yes they did tend to the home more but woman are so nurturing, and task oriented lol.

but i drew this cause im different from a lot of my friends im more headstrong about things, i surely know im a Valkyrie. but the thing that pisses me off is when people talk shit to me, its never to my face its always through something... if people would learn to man up and say shit to my face things would be a different story. course i would put them in their place :3

i did this on a 9" by 12" and its too big for my scanner and i got scanner rape... cause i have a shitty scanner lol.
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