Pixel doll flavour Djinn boys Picture

I'm not too happy with this. Pixel art has never been my forte and here it really shows. Black is a bitch to do in pixels. Anyways, complaints aside, these are little chibi dollies of my darling Djinn boys, Sarutamo and Daimonion. I had to aproximate their outfits a bit, as it was just too small to add all the fine details. I love these guys to bits. Saru's a real sweetie, he always aims to make everyone happy and loves unconditionally. He also is a neat freak with an obession with cleaning. Don't ask. Dai is a homicidal maniac, with mood swings worse than all the PMT sufferers in the world put together. He's also into S&M. Despite their differences, they love each other. Aw. They're kind of twins, well... not really, their relationship is rather ambiguous, but for convenience's sake let's say they're twins. This isn't really the time or the place to go off into a long ramble about my Djinn mythology.

Art and characters © me. No stealie.
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