Dreamteam poster Picture

I made this based on the hit trailer for the Dreamvengers: [link] What's weird is that this could very well work as a film. Puss has already met Shrek and Kitty Softpaws. Dragons exist in Shrek's world, so Toothless could very well live there, unoticed. Since dragons are apart of Chinesse mythology, and since Po lives in China, Toothless could live there as well, thus connecting the worlds together. My idea is Megamind decides to travel through time and bring back certain individuals to further impress the citizens of Metro City. He does and brings back Po, Shrek, Toothless, Puss, and Kitty. Minion, while fishing, caught Lenny. They all meet back at Megamind's place. After Megamind explains his reasoning for bringing them there, the group tries to get back to their homes. Lord Shen, however, is in Metro City with an army of evil dragons, Shrek's old enemies, and Tighten. Now it's up to the group to stop him. I will send this idea and poster to Dreamworks. Hopefully, they'll make it. I didn't copy the title Dreamvengers, because if it happens, I wouldn't want them to get sued. If you add this to your favouorites, please comment on it first. Thanks.
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