Revenire Picture

Yeah yeah yeah old OC woo

He's a species of troll I created vuv I'll explain them more and more and I create the refs for each character

The universe he exists in takes place in mythology times in a primitive Earth around the Dark ages. Rather than humans, his species of troll populates the planet. He is from the area that is now known as Romania.

No really. His name translates to troll in Romanian. I think.

But yeah I hope you guys like him. I have twelve more to do and I'll probably be creating more as I go.

Also, I'm not gonna say this species is a closed or open species because people can always just go and make a troll character. But I don't want people to say "Yeah I made a character based off of Savchenko's troll species!" 'cause these really aren't that original. Haha that doesn't make any sense.

I want critique on my anatomy please. Though I already know the legs are too thin |D

Character and art belong to *SAVCHENK0 (it feels so great to not say savvydahwolf you don't even know)

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