the baes Picture

these characters mean a lot to me
I am going on a commissioning spree over them when I get the points. (my commission journal here! POINT COMMISSIONS [OPEN!])

Alt Flatcolor 2

artists notes:
- i love my style right now omg
- Dream just looks perfect
- I think Clyde looks a bit lopsided??

Bios!! (in the picture, left to right: Lunamay, Antasi, Lightning, Kindness, Dream, Nightmare, Alaska, Clyde)

Dream Phasym is an optimistic thing of a girl and is anything but a regal princess. She's rather happy and does have her moments of bombarding others with motherly affection. Shuts down and is unresponsive when upset, a bit quick to anger. Quite fond of fencing/sword-fighting. Also likes mythology, astrology, games of strategy, and mostly chemistry of all sciences. Does what she thinks is right, will not fight if not necessary, and has an adventurous--and occasionally competitive--attitude.

Kindness Opal is a tightly-wound bundle of energy and is often hard to keep in place. Twitchy and stubborn at times. Is an easy crier and has a short temper. Of all things, her short attention span is captured by the topics of archery and the magics. Also likes to bake at times. Is quite passionate about what little she can do and is sort of arrogant if not held down.

Nightmare Rifftik can be shy at times, but when cracked open, is a passionate, happy little guy and always looks on the brighter side of things. Cries easily and is--surprisingly--patient with other people. Has an odd obsession with blacksmith work. Also likes drawing, geology, and fiction writing. Enjoys the idea of experiencing fame some day.

Lightning Celeste despite some other personality quirks, is quite calm and cheerful when not provoked. Overprotective over lots of people and is a huge mush. Cries easily and has dangerously short temper with some people, often escalating into being physical quickly. Intensely studies Earth meteorology and other things in nature. Intensely enjoys food--to the point of being a glutton--and has taken up recreational gardening and cooking in free time.

Alaska Aisu is a bit shy but quite happy, contrary to popular belief. Is a bit of a mush and is rather clingy and attention begging. Hides sadness and gets cranky when angered. Like music, archaeology, and winter. Also a bit stubborn and jittery when excited.

Antasi Maysi seems to be laid-back by a distance, but is really quite fretted inside. Sarcastic and appears to be calm most of the time, sometimes angering others for "ignorance". Cries easily and has a terrifying anger. Despite being dead, finds much interest in life/nature, music, and astrology.

Clyde O'Silligan is bubbly and jumpy, excitable despite the regal appearance. Desperately wants someone to connect with and not feel awkward over his overuse of chuckling. Cries easily and is rather paranoid of the inevitable, and has an immense patience. Enjoys reading and the concepts of the future and fortune-telling. Is a walking encyclopedia.

Lunamay Triadka, though appearing calm, is actually quite excited a majority of the time. Sometimes motherly and has a stronger resemblance to a "real" princess and embraces it. Cries easily and has patience, but tends to build up anger when her voice isn't heard... built into something to fear. Enjoys reading and the concept of the timeline. Also has a weird affection for tea.

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