ATOS Character 02 - Ahhee and Qin Picture

Baek Ahhee (白栭皙,18) is the Leader of the Orchestra Sociaty who is baby-faced and crosser looked. Despite his girly looking, his posses responsible and steady personality.

All the three words of his name mean 'White'.

Position in The Band: French Horn

Guardian Spirit: Zeus The Father of Gods and Men

The Main god of Greek mythology who posses power to control thunder and lightning. The strongest god in the Greek Legend ever.

Cao Qin (曹秦,18) is the vice leader of the sociaty. He is a gentleman but a bit naughty inside. As an Orchestra genius, he was thought as the future leader of the group when he transfered to school in 15. But he refused to take the place of the leader and even recommended Ahhee to be the successor. He takes teasing Ahhee as his biggest hobby. He somehow has special feeling to him......

His last name, Cao (曹) is same with the last name of Cao Cao (曹操), one of the greatest warlord ever appeared in the China's history. As for his first name, Qin (秦) is the name of the state (One of the most powerful) in the China's History.

Position in The Band: Clarinet

Guardian Spirit: Hades The God of The Hell

He is the god who is almost as powerful as Zeus but posses the dark power.

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