Mytha wallpaper Picture

Name : Mytha (Me-thah)
Real name: Krystal Sky
Nickname: Kris
Power: Shapeshifter/Oracle (she can shape shift into any mythological creature (ex. Werewolf, hydra, griffin, medusa, Neko, etc..)

Before her death, the Greek nymph Echidna, the mother of all monsters, made two gems-the jade gem of Echidna, and red ruby of Typhon- that were cast down deep beneath the earth that contained the DNA of all mythical creatures. It was the task of Gaia, the Greek goddess of earth to keep these gems hidden. To make sure the remain out of human hands, she placed a devastating curse on them. A few thousand years later, during an archeological dig the gems were unearthed by Krystal's parents. After the gems were unearthed, a massive earthquake buried her parents alive taking with them the Red Ruby of Typhon, however; the Jade Gem of Echidna remained with the remaining archeological crew. As a last wish, the crew sent the gem to Krystal as a condolence to her family tragedy. After she wrapped it around her neck it sank into her flesh and became one with her, afterwards; She soon learned the gem had mythical powers when she became under distress or anger. To this day, she still struggles to control the power of the gem. With the curse still intact, she began to gain the ability to see doom and disaster which often came true, and in many cases caused her to become insane when she was around her friends and therefore isolated her from society.
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