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This is the result of a commission I asked for from Do a favour and go visit his page of illustrations, designs and mythology.
He's offering special commissions lately, on a trial basis, so if you ask nice and offer something interesting, he'll do one for you for free.
I have much gratitude. If I complete a little something for him, this'll transform into my first art trade in ages. I'd prefer it.
Anyway, the following was cumbersome where it was first placed, so I decided to move it here. At least people here know I have a habit of doing it.
What am I talking about? Why, the Akuma Zensho SMT-entry thing for Ishara, of course!

LV80 (Megami) Ishara
St:19 Mg:28 Vt:21 Ag:27 Lu:20
Drains Force; Repels Fire; Immune to Expel, Death; Strong to Magic and Ailments
*Dark Charge, *Maragidyne, *Mazandyne, *Mediarahan, Bright Charge, Shattered Sky, Celestial Weave, Mabufudyne, Maziodyne
Female, adult, lady
An esoteric goddess from ancient Akkad of Sumeria, Ishara is one of the celestial seamstresses who, under the order of Marduk, sewed together the broken sky after the war with Tiamat. She used a needle made from the bones of those who fell in the battle, and thread made from the tears of their wives and lovers. She was also a deity of cloth-weaving, widows and the dispossessed, and a protector of pilgrims. Her implements were the sword, the needle, and a bowl of water that reflects the night sky. Her sacred animal is the fennec fox.

*initial skills
(Bright Charge is an auto-skill, doubles her magical damage during Kagutsuchi phases 6, 7 and FULL)
(Dark Charge is an auto-skill, doubles her magical damage during Kagutsuchi phases NEW, 1 and 2)
(Shattered Sky is an all-target heavy-damage Almighty spell with a high chance for Panic status, while boosting her magic )
(Celestial Weave creates a one-turn party shield that repels all attacks except Almighty.)

As a boss character, she is a magical powerhouse, and will use all elemental magic your party is not immune to. Physical's the only way to go. Fight her at Kagutsuchi phases 3, 4 and 5, unless you want to be on the painful end of the Bright/Dark Charge effects. Also, bring in Dekaja, and anything that repels/drains elemental magic. If you feel lucky, bring in something that causes Mute status to make it easier, she's not entirely immune to ailments. Shattered Sky's Panic status is very annoying (and expensive when your party drops cash), so have some status-recovery skills/items on hand. If you use Almighty attacks against her, she'll heal to full with Diarahan, and will keep casting Shattered Sky until you die. (Hey, that rhymes.)

As a nakama, she's great to fuse into magic-and-support characters by transferring Dark/Light Charge and Celestial Weave. Boss version must be beaten before she can be fused.
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