Horus the Bartender Picture

(Had to enlarge his head in SAI @[email protected] CURSE YOU PROPORTIONS!)

Name: Horus
Real Name: Logan Abernathy
Age: 21, though he acts like a teenager
Race: Human (of Canadian descent)
Hair color: Red (He bleaches it blonde)
Eye color: Blue

CCV puts original characters in the Teruna universe, and I've had this guy cooking in my head for awhile now. I thought he'd make a neat little addition to the clones universe, just as a minor character. ^_^

So this is Horus, the usual bartender at a place Rawrgna frequents. Since Horus is usually the only one working and Rawrgna goes out drinking so often, the two have crossed paths a lot to the point of becoming friends/enemies.

Horus is a big snarker. He's the kind of guy who won't take your crap without returning it with a snark of his own. He likes talking face to face because he's extremely quick at coming up with comebacks and he has an excellent poker face. After working in a bar for so long, he's learned how to deal with drunk people who want to fight him, and he's not too bad in hand-to-hand combat.

While he acts like a total bada$$ on purpose, he's trained himself into acting like that. In reality, he's a giant history and mythology nerd, as well as a gamer. His favorite is Assassin's Creed, and he really wants to be an awesome bada$$ because of that and a lot of other things. XD That's why he bleaches his hair, and why he's made some hidden blades in his sleeves, inspired by Ezio.

Horus's is very two-faced, and he's compared himself to a super hero with how opposed his two identities are. His real name is Logan Abernathy, and he goes to a college. Everyone there thinks he's a total geek who tries too hard to be cool, and no one knows that he actually works at a bar. His manager, likewise, doesn't know he attends college in between shifts, and that he sneaks in his textbooks durning work hours sometimes to study. (He's that cocky XD) At the bar, he's the guy you don't mess with unless you want him to ruin your day, whose real name is a secret, who just goes by "Horus." You can guess which identity He likes better.

Logan has a girlfriend, who he sometimes chats about with Rawrgna. He calls her simply "The Girlfriend" and it's not a very happy relationship on his side. His girlfriend is pretty, but is awfully restrictive of him, insisting that he's clean shaven on all their dates and that he NEVER EVER EVER EVER GETS A TATTOO OR PIERCING. And she often drags him along to things she likes but Logan doesn't, like nail-painting and hairdressers and stuff. He happily vents about her to any of the bar patrons who will listen, usually Rawrgna, who will rant about the other clones in return.

Horus sometimes sketches tattoo designs (Because he secretly REALLY wants one) that Rawrgna helps him with, or writes angry poetry that Rawrgna will laugh his a$$ off at.

Logan is also Canadian, or at least he is of Canadian descent. He DOES have the accent, but he got made fun of so badly for it that he's learned to hide it. (The Girlfriend hates it and keeps him carefully in check with it.) He still does say "Eh" occasionally.

One last thing: Horus is colorblind to the color red. This normally doesn't REALLY cause a problem, but if Ragna and Rawgrna were to enter a room, he wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them on sight.

That's about it. ^_^;
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