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The list is obviously not exhaustive. In fact, there full things that inspire/influence me in my personal works or for my personal projects, be it artists (cartoonists or animators) I love the design, movies and TV shows I watched, novels and comic books I read, or video games I played. But it would be too difficult and too complicated to put all my references, even if I have to change the size and the format of the board (Besides, I can use other meme for that).
So what you see it's just a sample, a selection of my references, some that seduces or touched me for many reasons (because I love the design/graphics/pictures or because the story/themes really close to my heart), some that occupy an important place in my heart, my mind or my youth.

I only recommend you to respect my references and my choices. I worked so hard to make this.

—Glen Keane (to appoint one of the artists who work for Disney)
—Don Bluth (especially the character design for the Secret of NIMH or the Land Before Time)
—The Lion King (not because it's the most revered Disney movie, but because it's really a good and beautiful Disney movie featuring only animals with humans problem)
—Fantasia / Fantasia 2000, especially Nutcrackers sequence, Pastoral Symphony (because I like mythology), Night on the Bald Mountain (it's scared me when I was a lad), and from Fantasia 2000, Firebird (so beautiful)
—Pixar (among Pixar I've seen, none have disappointed me. Besides, I've seen the exposition at Paris, I really feel admiration for artist, and the animation at the same time)
—Juanjo Guarnido (reading Blacksad and watching the graphism, the expression of the characters and their movements, we feel he worked at Disney)
—Warcraft (as a World of Warcraft player, I can add in my references)
—The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time (really good game ! Even if I played it at its output in 3DS, I have already know it on N64 and since it has greatly influenced my passion for fantasy)
—Hayao Miyazaki (actually, I am not a really big fan of manga or japanimation, but Miyazaki is the exception. I have to admit that what he made is really good et pretty nice)
—Arthur and the Minimoys (I love the design of the minimoys and their universe)
—Gargoyles (as Batman the Animated Series, it was one of the animated show that was too mature for me when I watched it as a child, and now I love it as an adult. Besides the themes inspires me for my personal project, and I LOVE the expression of the characters)
—Bionicle (it is a big part of my youth, I HAVE to add it)
—Harry Potter / J.K. Rowling (because I am a real Potterfan, I consider it as my bedside book and I admire J.K. Rowling for her work)
—James Cameron's Avatar (and I DON'T CARE of what you say and think, it is still ONE of my FAVORITE movie)
—Avatar The Last Airbender (anecdote : I saw the movie BEFORE the animated series and it was ultimately the SERIES that has me more convinced)
—Bone / Jeff Smith (a nice meeting between cartoon and realistic style, mixing humor and drama, as if Looney Tunes or old Disney Classics (Mickey, Donald, Goofy) were transported in the Lord of the Rings or Arthurian cycle)

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