Kitsune model sheet Picture


I have until next Friday to get another sheet + other storyboarding stuff done for this assignment grahhhh

This one for some reason looks smaller than the other two I've already put up but I'm sure they're drawn at relatively the same scale... oh well, this guy's supposed to be short anyway.
Didn't mean for him to be so child-like but oh well. The more I look at him the more I think he looks like Arcaedus haha
Though, he is an existing ookami boy I had along with the tengu, this guy being a remake of an older character... working name is Yukito/Yuuki. I changed him to a fox for this assignment.

I went for a slightly different take on the kitsune this time. Some variations of the creature have an item called a 星の玉/Hoshi no Tama/Star Ball which houses the kitsune's powers. Traditionally it's held in the fox's mouth or on its tail, but for design sake he's just got it on his sash //also did not know of said keeping places until now
Not sure why I added the ball, considering it's not going to be used in this assignment anyway. Just a small design touch.

His colours seem to be a little brighter than the others too - perhaps he is supposed to be a child anyway, since he does only have one tail.

//and his right hand gave me so much grief uerhghsdlfk

Time taken: 5h
Design is (C) by me
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