Tori Delphin Picture

Name: Tori Delphin
Gender: Female
Age: 19 years old
Race: Human
Build: Light build
Hair Color: Blond (but can be dyed any color)
Skin Tone: Light
Eye Color: Left eye blue, right eye green
Favorites: Horses, sloths, dragons, mythology, books, reading, nature, looking like an elf, elves, faeries , fae, watching TV (favorite TV show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Disciplines: Racing, Dressage
Experience: Has been riding horses for years.
Powers: None

History: Tori was born in a household torn apart by her father's drinking problem and past in the war. Her mother was dead by ten years when Tori decided to runnaway. Her father, turned to the drink for solace when a drug overdose killed his wife, raised his daughter Tori alone. When she was fourteen, his alcoholic rages became so common, that she started to loose hope. After a particularly bad day, when her father left her battered and limping to her room, she snuck out the window.

She crept through alleys and along lonely streets, avoiding people, all the way to the bus station. The morning came, and when it left, it took her away. She vanished when the tween time came and twilight glistened in shy, fluttering light, and the next thing she knew, the parting mist revealed a new realm.

Tir'Rielle was a mythical magical realm, but it is not a convenient or modern realm. Missing people who don't think magic is an everyday affair, Tori has begun to explore places outside the realm. Being a rider at a show is giving her such an opportunity. By riding for another stable, she can leave the island to ride and enjoy horses, one of her favorite animals.

Animals Ridden:
Trying for
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