SF - Elves Valley Picture

Concept Art II
Environment: Exterior : Elves Valley
Complete on the 30th of March, 2012
Time: N/A
Medium: Adobe Photoshop CS2, Bamboo Pen&Touch Tablet


The concept for my story is:

Relationships between Mythy creatures and Humans are starting to get rocky due to inconsideration (forest logging, etc) and discrimination. 2 Factions were created with one holding a campaign to get rid of the Humans, and the other arguing for peace with the Humans (thinking they can make amends and get the Humans to be more considerate and leave their homes alone.)

To settle the debate, the elected an ambassador to make the main vote. They send out a young girl (a Dis) to travel for 3 months and mingle with the Human realm to see and decide with her own eyes, what she thinks the course of action regarding the Humans should be.

WIP Title: Sylvic Forest
(and if you know your languages, that translates to "Forest Forest" xD)


This is where the story begins, where Katja is introduced. It is in this clearing that she loves to spend her free time in. A cooling waterfall falls from the cliff-face surrounding the clearing. The water lures good game to hunt and is a perfect place for her archery and fishing practice. The Elves that dwell in the area are good company (especially since they are a sort of kin) and provide a sort of whimsical colourful source of light. Elves in Scandinavian myth are as small as a common pixie in British or European mythology.

I don't quite like this one.... *grumble*

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