Cast Down the Heretic Picture

This piece was inspired by an American brutal/technical death metal band named Nile, whose conceptual theme is mainly about Egyptian mythology, history and somewhat of a Lovecraftian approach. The song I have chosen for this artwork comes from their 2005 musical effort Annihilation of the Wicked and it is titled "Cast Down the Heretic".

I did not have a specific vision of this song's theme. However, I have read the lyrics throughout this creative process and I tried to include some of the passages of this song in a symbolic manner. The main theme of the lyrics and of the artwork's concept surrounds heresy during the Egyptian Antiquity era and its apt version of the Final Judgment, according to the Book of the Dead. This is how I interpreted its meaning. I hope you will enjoy this artwork!!! Here are the lyrics of the song :

Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones
Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs
Thy Nose Shall be Split
Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown
Ra-Harmakhis Destroyeth Thee
He Damneth Thee and Driveth Hooks into Thy Body
Isis Sayeth in Mighty Voice, "The Number of They Days are Cut Short.
The Bones are Broken to Splinters They Vertebrae are Severed."
Horus Hammereth Thy Head
The Sons of Heru Smash you With Their Blows
Thou Art Decimated by Their Violence
Thou Fallest Backwards as Thou Retreateth Like unto Apep
The Great Company of Gods Gather in Retribution
They Hath Passed Judgement upon Thee
They Cast Down Your Heresy
They Spit Upon Thee and Thy Rebellion
And Turn Their Back upon Thee
Horus Repulseth Thy Crocodile
Sut Defileth Thy Tomb
Nephthys Hacketh Thee in Pieces
The Sons of Horus Speareth Thee
The Gods Repulse Thee
The Flames of Their Fire is Against Thee
Cursed Art Thou, Impaled Thou Art, Flayed Art Thou
Heretic Thou Art Cast Down
Blows are Rained Upon Thee
Dismemberment and Slaughter are on Thee
Thy Crocodile is Trampled under Foot
Thy Soul is Wrenched from its Shade
Thy Name is Erased
Thy Spells are Impotent
Nevermore Shalt Thou Emerge from Thy Den
Thy City Armana Lays in Ruin
Damn Art Thy Accursed Soul and Shadow
Die O One, which Art Consumed
Thy Name is Buried in Oblivion
Silence Covereth Thee and Thy False One
Down upon Thy Belly
Be Drowned, Be Drowned, Be Vomited Upon
The Gods have Pronounced Thy Doom
They Scorn Thee and Thy False Aten
The Ancient Ones Turn Their Backs Upon Thee
Thou Art Cast Down, Overthrown
Thy Reign of Heresy is Ended
Those Thou Hast Driven Out Have Risen Against Thee
Cast Down the Heretic
Khnemu Draggeth Thy Spawn to the Black of Slaughter
Sick Shlat Thou be at the Mention of Thin Own Name
Sekhmet Teareth Out Thy Bowels and Casteth Them into Flames
She Filleth Thine Orifices With with Fire
Uadjit Shutteth Thee in the Pits of Burning
Nevermore Shall You Breathe or Procreate
Neither Thy House or Tomb Exist
Thou Shal Drive Thy Teeth into Thine Own Body
Heretic, Thou Art Cast Down
Overthrown, Ended, Hacked into Pieces, Slaughtered, Butchered
Ra Hath Made Thoth to Slay Thee Utterly

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