Top 50 Kids Show Part 1 Picture

Okay so when I was a kid we had super creative and interesting shows. So I'm doing the top 50 kids shows in my opinion. They're not ranked I just put them in spots.
1. Tweenies: A British TV program about a group of singing preschoolers as they learn and play. I loved this show and even created my own Tweenie Clock. It still runs today in the UK.
2. Time Warp Trio: This was an American TV show focused on three boys as they time travel with a magic book. It was so cool because they brought you to different places and met actual historical people.
3. Caillou: This was a Canadian TV show about the adventures of a 4 year old boy named Caillou. Most people loved this show and the biggest question we have now as we grown up: Why is Caillou bald?
4. PB&J Otter was an American TV series centered on the otter family's kids and their adventures with their friends.
5. Adventures from the Book of Virtues: This show focused on Zach and Annie who learn various lessons by listening to folk tales, fairy tales, mythology, fables, stories, and Bible stories.
6. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: Based off everyone's favorite spaceman from toy story this show follows Buzz's adventures as a space ranger.
7. Recess: Six fouth graders. 30 minutes of play. what more can I say. Who knew so much trouble could happen in such a short time.
8. Chalk Zone: This American TV series focused on two kids, Rudy and Penny, who use magic chalk to transport to a whole new world called the Chalk Zone. They can use the chalk and eraser to help them have fun adventures.
9. Oswald: This fun little show featured a blue octopus with a black little hat and his daily experiences. A simple premise but an enjoyable show.
10 Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: This show follows the adventures of Miss Spider's children as they learn life lessons. This show made me, and a lot of other kids, less scared of spiders.
11: Bill Nye the Science Guy: Bill Nye the Science guy. Bill Bill Bill. A very catchy theme song and a fun show where learning science is fun. It even works with older kids. My 11th grade Earth and Space class watched Bill Nye about 3 times.
12. Magic School bus: Speaking of Science and fun let's take a field trip with Miss Frizzle. No matter how much danger she put her kids in it was still an exciting and different show.
13. Rolie Polie Olie: This show focused on a family of robot characters living on Planet Polie. They learn life lessons and go on wacky adventures.
14. Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers: Everybody's favorite chipmunks working for a detective agency. They often end up and trouble and have to find a way to get out of it.
15. Gummi Bears: A magical show featuring a boy named Cavin meeting these fun bunch of Bears called the Gummi Bears. They have cool adventures with their Gummiberry Juice.

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