Musecca Lyre (Daughter of Orpheus) Picture

Name: Musecca Lyre

Parent's Story: Myth of Orpheus

Royal or Rebel: Rebel

My "Magic" Touch: I can sing any song and play any instrument. Also, if I try hard enough, I can hypnotize people and use portals through the underworld to get to other distant places simply by singing and playing my Lytar (lyre crossed wth a guitar). Also, when I want to play different styles of music, my Lytar changes colors.

Secret Heart's Desire: I wish to live a life full of love and happiness, not tragedy, suffering, and sadness. I also do not want to lose the love of my life to the Underworld. My dream is to become a famous musician and travel the world with the one I love most, as well as teach people in poverty how to play instruments and sing.

Storybook Romance Status: I have a crush on Sparrow Hood. Despite the fact that he is self obsessed, he understands my passion for music. However, I can't go near him for fear of my destiny put into play.

"Oh Curses" Moment: I am not very strong-willed and fall to temptation easily. I am especially gullible when people say there is someone or something behind me. I'm also scared of the dark, which is why I do not use my Underworld portals very often.

Favorite Subject: Muse-ic. Um, hello! I actually have the word Muse in my name.

Least Favorite Subject: Mythology. I don't nee dot be reminded daily of the suffering and loneliness I'm destined to go through.

Roommate: Willow Key (COMING SOON)

Best Friends Forever After: Cerise Hood, Raven Queen, and Poppy O'Hair

Pet: My nightingale, Windsong.
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