30 Day Object Head Challenge - Day 1 and 2 Picture

A 30 day challenge because why not. I have only two days to finish that flipping Haunting of Hill House animation, and it turns out I don't have time do both scenes, so I cut the shorter one (which was a bad choice on my part 'xD) I'm gonna violently finish my entire book project within Saturday and Sunday, waking up as early as possible and sleeping at the latest wHAA

So this is a bit of a distraction from the increasing pressure hhHH
I'm going to be doing this traditionally because I find this much easier ;u; although I drew these pretty early/late so they may look a little messy. I colored it in Sai because I thought it might bring more clarity to the pictures.

  1. Representation of an emotion HERE - Confusion
  2. Periodic Table Element/Classical Element HERE - [Li] Lithium
  3. Something in your bedroom
  4. Something from your favourite game
  5. Something from your city
  6. Gemstones/Rocks
  7. Something that’s sharp
  8. Something related to mythology or fairy tales
  9. icon or logo of a place/product/website
  10. Something from the ocean
  11. Something with your favourite colour
  12. Something holiday themed
  13. Something very big
  14. An item distinctly from the 1800s
  15. Something seasonal
  16. Something inspired by a song
  17. Plant/Flower
  18. Something from a hardware store
  19. Geometric shape(s)
  20. Modern technology
  21. Your tumblr icon (if it’s a person, then that person as an object head)
  22. Something up in space
  23. Something from your favourite movie/show
  24. Something from your favourite book/comic
  25. Something that floats
  26. A childhood item
  27. Your favourite dessert
  28. Something from your bag/purse/backpack
  29. A sign or a symbol
  30. Yourself as an object head

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