Vunderfoxen Picture

Yup. Vunderfoxen. Not the kind of picture I usually make, but I just wanted to take a small break to do something light and fun.

These are a species from my world, a spirit-creature called the Vunderfoxen (same world for both singular and plural, in case was curious). And yes, they are admittedly pretty much a more codified brand of Sparkledogs for people like me who drink Raspberry Cider and study very old mythology and enjoy pretending to be sophisticated/academic/whatever. So make of that what you will. As you can see, they come in a very wide range of colors - the ones above are just a small example of the colors and patterns possible - and have a very long, fluffy tail. Although they have sometimes been hunted for their exceptional pelts, this is rare for two reasons. The first is that, unless am set of magics are applied immediately at the time of death, the pelt fades and looses all it's color and vibrancy within a few minutes. The second is that killing the animal for fur or wearing the pelt after can often have some curse-like side affects, which are rumored to have wiped out entire towns in the past. As with preserving the color their are certain magical steps that will (supposedly) avert these karmic repercussions, but most people prefer not to tempt fate just the same.

Vunderfoxen are native to the spirit world of the Dreaming, but make regular forays into the mortal world. Unlike some of their spirit-brethren they are actually fairly benevolent. They are most known for leading to people to things or places, and the most common stories about them are tales of lost children or travelers who followed one back to civilization and safety, or occasionally helping good or worthy people to find the object of a quest. However, they have a guardian aspect to their personality as well, where mortals intending some harm to others have been led to their doom over the edges of ravines or across thin ice or into the lairs of dangerous creatures. So while it is generally considered good fortune to see one, they do sort of require those they encounter to make an objective self-assessment before deciding whether to follow...
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