The River Picture

This is a symbol of the river that I did in photoshop. I studied a lot of symbology to produce this one. In this image you will see many of the sacred animals in eastern mythology, all of which are asociated with the water. In the center is the image of yin and yang typified by the dragon and tiger in their places--even in strength, dragon to the left and tiger to the right.
Both of them have a hand on the pearl of wisdom in the center.

the three fish are of a young eel, an old salmon, and the eternal koi. All three of these have significance, the most blatant of which is that these three fish are river migrants. the eel starts in the sea and moves up the river, the salmon starts in the river and moves out to sea, the koi stays in the river but in different parts throughout its life cycle. Also pause to think of the significance of this.

The river itself is symbolized in a triquetra knot, which has significance in almost all eurasian cultures somewhere. Here it is symbolized in representing the eternal cycle of the river and bounds everything, containing everything. The river in this sense represents the life cycle. anyways. . . .I could write a whole paper on all of its meanings, ut it is better, I think, to look at it and think on the symbology for yourself.
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