Unlikely Guide -full view plz- Picture

For my Life Drawing project, I had to finish a 22x30 picture inspired by an artist. I chose Aubrey Beardsley, who did a lot of black and white pictures with mythological creatures in them. His pictures were influenced by Japanese prints, but the artist himself was English. His pictures have a fairy tale-like quality, which is why I love them.

I wanted to create a fairy tale of my own, or be in one since I was really bored and cooped up inside my dorm. I wanted to go to some wooded place with leaves falling everywhere. The leaves would be that dark green color they turn before either a major thunderstorm or a tornado. Everything would be shrouded in mist. A friend of mine and I would sit on a bridge in the middle of it and sammiches. XD

In my picture; however, a friendly tengu (crow-headed warrior monk from Japanese myth) guides the two of us through the forest. The bridge will be replaced with a swing with a lantern on it. The girl holds the sandwich and the guy is laughing with her.

Done in India ink.
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