Miscellany Picture

Okay, here's a bunch of my characters I sketched and then shoddily added block-colour to.

Top-left is Skoll Loral, a wolf-man from my unstarted webcomic, The Yggdrasil Cycle. He's loosely based on the Norse god, Sköll. i think the muzzle is a bit too long, but it's not a big deal.

Top-right is Melissa Loral, also known as Harrow, and also from The Yggdrasil Cycle. She's an original character of mine, and the main character. The nose should be a tad lower, and one of her eyes is too big, but I don't think there are any major anatomical problems. Mainly because I only drew her head and shoulders. x)

Bottom-left is Fenrisulfr the Hrodvitnir, another wolf-man from The Yggdrasil Cycle, and father to Skoll. He's based very much on the Fenrisúlfr of Norse mythology. Not happy at all with his facial expression or hair style.

Bottom-right is Jacob Flatfoot, also known as Jake. He's a mole who mines for emeralds. Cute, huh? He's the only one not from The Yggdrasil Cycle; he's from another unstarted webcomic of mine, called Glimmer. He looks a bit out of place here, really, but there would have been no point in putting him up separately.
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