Garmr Picture

A quick painting for an adoptable design by ~okami456. I only spent maybe half an hour on this, so if it's not up to scratch I'm happy to refine it a little more. ^^
Pictured is a somewhat dark but absolutely mischievous spirit who has no proper name. The form he chooses to take, however, that of a large black dog with glowing red eyes, is found throughout many mythologies, particularly European ones. Because of this, he is known by many names in many places, including Gwyllgi, Oude Rode Ogen, Nahual, Luison, Tchen Bodu, and Moddey Dhoo. If asked for his name, he tends to call himself Rode Ogen or Garmr, names he has picked up in his past and decided he rather liked. As a spirit, he is effectively immortal, though subject to the whims and rulings of more powerful spirits. He rarely intends to cause serious harm, but often does not realise that living creatures aren't as hardy as he is, and occasionally accidentally hurts or kills something or someone. When this happens he shrugs it off and goes to find something else to play with. He has very little conscience but also very little capacity for anger, preferring to answer to his own whims than take sides in arguments that essentially don't affect him.
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