Reintroducing JKT Picture

Name: Jessima (aka JKTrian, JKT or just JK) a friend also assigned her the middle-name "Kimberly".
Age: 19 now.
Height: 6ft and some inches. She hasn't been accurately measured in a few years.
Personality: Varies. Thanks to some psychology and a month long holiday she's no longer as terrified of everything but she still gets the same feelings of impending doom. For the most part she's silly and very talkative. She frequently says things that she regrets not long later. If she has art to do or a spoon to suck on (no really) she'll be completely silent. She can also get deadly serious at times. She's like a lucky dip.
Likes: Art (writing, drawing, animating), plushies, Disney (cartoons the most), Spoons, girls, monsters, nightmares (ironically), Lego, happy endings, pop, soda, fish-n-chips, steam-punk, British accents, Irish accents, native peoples, mythology, cryptozoology, the words Bandersnatch, Leucrocota and Mamlambo, roleplaying, tanks, and many more...
Dislikes: Chores, men, juice, vegetables, fruit, toast, elves, furies, dying, small animals invading her room (she will kill it regardless of what it is) being wet, loud, silence, sad endings, rude jokes, pain, her feet, using public toilets, idiots, humans in general, hats, high places, reruns, and many more...
History: She was born in Cairns QLD but had to move to Brisbane to go to school. Never with more than a handful of friends (plus their friends) she bypassed many of the negative experiences of high-school life (such as drugs and alcohol) and was loved by all her teachers. Now graduated she's preparing to get a job in the animation industry and one day see her dreams and nightmares alive on the big screen. Other than this she proffers to concentrate on future and present than try to remember the past as many bad things had happened to her over the years.
Miscellaneous: Still adding new scars to that collection of hers.
Has a thing for goth girls.
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