Fenrir Picture

Fenrir Lupus
(Fenrir is a giant wolf from Norse Mythology, while Lupus is Latin for wolf)

22 years old



Gray Wolf
*has the ears, footpaws, teeth, claws, and fluffy tail of a gray wolf
*like a wolf he has sharp sense, hunting instincts, a voracious appetite, and a strange need to howl at the moon

still under consideration

*Fenrir is able to sense what is going on at the present time in places and areas he shouldn't be able to. For example if am intruder were to enter one of the dens with a malicous intent, Fenrir would immediately sense it. If someone is trapped somewhere, he can use his ability to find where they are. This ability is even stronger at night when the stars and moon are out.
*This fits with a wolf because abilities like Clairvoyance and it's close cousin Prophecy are closely related to astrological bodies like constellations and planets and the like. Throughout different cultures, Wolves are closly related to the moon and stars.

Misc: Fenrir is one of the largest members of his tribe, looming over at 6'7" and a weight of 500+. He's a big guy and one of the best hunters of the tribe (due both to his power, his animal traits, and his hunger for meat). Despite his intimidating size, Fenrir is a big softy at heart. He loves to eat and drink and laugh till he's tired. He's overly friendly and enthusiastic when talking and also hospitable to guests.
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