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the most disturbing comeback of Apocalypsis... she left herself within Craysta and went dormant.

the Valkyras would be reborn as Craysta's and Aurora's children, developing purely out of energy.
Aurora gave birth to 4 daughters and 1 son.
However... Craysta gave birth to the 5th daughter...

Something clearly wrong with her... they all suspected, Craysta saw it clearly and tried to deny it, but she couldn't help but have an aggression towards her... daughter... She grew greatly concerned when she developed a fascination with the Armegedon, and Apocalypsis's skeleton.

She didn't know what she saw in that one's remains... towering over her... towering over everyone for that matter. She'd spend days staring at it all the while hearing something in the back of her mind. Thoughts that she couldn't deny were somewhat her own, and what she could only call a... beckoning.

One night she woke... she was levitating before the empty face of Apocalypsis as the metal strands within started to emanate as she drew closer, starting from the tips and reaching inward to their bases. They shifted and joined into a smaller shape of the skull as the hilt and a blade from the hair.

Her only response as she grabbed the handle; "I know... who I am... and I know where I'm to go." She cringed as a pain shot through her face and the horns ripped out of her brow, but began to smile for the first time.


I suppose in all actuality this is the first time I've drawn the metal hair in action, which is a primary ability of the Armegedon, the image is explanatory enough of what it can do.

and as for the perspective in the floor, its supposed to be a bit screwy, the third story takes place somewhere beyond our universe, so naturally the way to it defies physics.

note; ok I've tossed the asgard reference altogether and have decided to use the valkyries instead, it kinda makes sense with norse mythology...


much much more satisfied with the face, also fixed a few other things.


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