Influence Map Picture

Well, gang, here's what influences me most!

Beauty and the Beast (the story, not any one version in particular though the image is from La Belle et la bete) and fairy tales in general really influenced my ideas on stories and fantasy.

Gargoyles was a huge influence on me, teaching me about complex story lines, character development and drama, as well as introducing me to a lot of mythology and literature.

Red Skelton. Classic comedy in general is a major influence on me, but none more than the world's greatest clown because he didn't just make jokes. He mastered the art of humor, and gave the gift of laughter and happiness to millions. Red Skelton was, is, and always will be the greatest.

Digimon. Actually, it's anime in general that influenced me a bit. (GOOD anime though, not $h!t like Naruto.) Mostly in art style, though a little bit in my story telling as well. But Digimon always has a special place in my heart.
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