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Right, this was one page I've had planned for over a year now! Back when I was just starting my research into Celtic mythology, I was slightly weirded-out by the sheer amount of inter-species...ahem, do-di-do, happened in it and how that created all the other gods and giants etc. As I didn't want my comic to be too 'adult' I planned to show that even the great wise old wolfy gets flustered when asked to give The Talk.


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- WolfSong is intended for mature audiences and may contain violence, mild gore, and hints at adult themes. I take no responsibility for anything people's parents might therefore say as a result of reading this comic.

- I have the story fully planned out, so please don't make suggestions. Feel free to fantasise about what's going to happen in the comments, but I won't discuss the plot.

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- This is a 'free' webcomic at the moment and takes oodles of time to produce. So please don't nag if I miss updates, I'm trying!

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