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So I decided to fix/update Lelia/Lilith a bit, namely working her spear, her lines and more intimidating and more eye-catching and appealing. Also fixing up the colors as I lost the SAI file of the last image, but I remedied that, so I can better edit the colors in the future.

Original Description:

Heres another character done, this time of my take/adaptation of Lilith.

Lilith in mythology is often hailed as the uber-sexual succubus-demon-bitch who once was Adam's first wife, however, due to to an argument over who gets to be on top, Adam got with the much more subservient (and gullible) Eve. As Lilith felt she was made from the same Earth as Adam and thus equal, this got her kicked out of Eden for having an opinion. From there on out Lilith became a demoness, had a swing with the Angel Samael, and so on. Also baby-eating.

In ficton, Lilith is the ultimate seductress demon-bitch ranging from Digimon, True Blood, Popular Christian/Hebrew fiction, etc. One of the wives or daughters of Satan, and all of that jazz.

However, I am not one for abiding by expectations of such designs. As my knowledge of Babylonian/Sumerian mythology knows that Lilith derrives from the Sumerian Ishtar/Innanna and baby eating vampiric spirits named Lillitu. Ishtar being the OG seductress/scorned goddess and wanted to have her way with Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh, having a brain (or Ego) to back up his GAR, essentially told her to fuck off. Ishtar got pissed and sent the Bull of Heaven against Uruk of which Gilgamesh and Enkidu said "challenge accepted" and kicked the damn things ass. Ishtar got even more pissed as they killed a divine construct of Heaven, and whined to her daddy, Marduk. The Gods decided to kill one of the men, but Gilgamesh, being 1/3rds god was not a choice so they instead killed Enkidu, which is where the first major part of the Epic of Gilgamesh ends.

Since I am working with a good chunk of Sumerian Mythology in KAS, including Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Tiamat, Asag and Ishtar. Ishtar being the OG seductress goddess of which all others derrive themselves from, so having two similiar characters is probably not the best of ideas, especially when one is just an an interpretation of the Former.

My interpretation of Lilith for KAS follows suit: Lilith wanted to be a good traditional wife to Adam, however...Eve cuckholded/netorare'd her. Lilith distraught leaves "Eden" only to come across Samael. Samael, in my version, is a Fae (Because Der Freischutz). The Fae as most people in KAS know, are fucking bastards and one of the major antagonistic forces currently about. So Lilith becomes one of his "conquests" during one of his many "Wild Hunts" and in turn became a Xenaphili.

Xenaphili are essentially warped human servants of the Fae. Bound by three curses which prevents them from acting out against their masters (and abide to everything they say), prevents them from speaking and prevents their bodies from having free will. Xenaphili are pretty much Fate/Stay Night servants as designed by Clive Barker, with uncomfortable moderate BDSM imagery (as much as you can get in a PG13 setting anywho, though how much varies from culture to culture) Like Servants there are Seven Classes all modelled after Occult and Ghost imagery:


Succubi/Incubi are balanced, powerful, and are capable of siphoning Enigma from other sources (in true Succubi/Incubi fashion) however, most often against there will.
Revenants are incredily subservient, armored powerhouses with great swords, but requires a powerful Fae or Magus to provide them with the power to remain in the world.
Huntsman are Fae who have been disgraced and bound by runes to be servants to other Fae Courts or particular Magus. For the later, Huntsman almost always back-stab and manipulate their "summoners".
Lunatics are mad beasts, brutish, powerful, and insane. However its power and berserker rages is just as often to kill their summoners as often as their opponents.
Nuckelavee/Horseman are nigh-immortal black riders. Being bound to some sort of demonic horse, Horsemen are perpetually in pain and on fire, and thus want nothing more than death. However, they are determinators to the extreme who can only be truly killed by destroying the brain, of which many Magus decapitate their Horseman so that their bodies can be nigh-indestructible powerhouses with the head in a safe place. Only other weakness though is Saltwater.
Barghast are stealth hunters. Capable of polymorphing into a demonic black dog, they aren't adept at fending off other Xenaphili, but are cruel hunters of Magus.
Witches are tragic. Often children who are bound to some sort of statue or stationary local and turned into mad, explosive tykes who can manipulate Enigma in ways Magi can only dream of. Like Lunatics, these have a chronic disorder of killing their own summoners.

As you can tell, Xenaphili are rip offs of Fate/Stay Night servants...I regret nothing and feel this is a sort of homage of sorts to that series. Xenaphili are the strongest familiars a Magus can summon as any stronger a Magi cannot control what is summoned and is at the point a true to form Kaiju. Xenaphili are faster, stronger and are capable of many extraordinary feats no other human can accomplish. Thus many a magi dreams of summoning their own Xenaphili.

Where does this leave Lilith? Well, Ishtar, yes, THAT Ishtar, essentially created the Xenaphili system out of her own derranged and lewd nature. Lilith was the first Succubi in this system and as such many Magi target Succubi/Incubi over the years for their balance in stealth, fighting, obedience, speed and so on. As well as for other...means. So as such, the one who wanted to be a good wife is now in an ironic hell for what may well have been for 4,000 years. Her story being lost and forever tainted by Ishtars own.

That is until the New Zealand Magi War. (Of which a Magi War is when seven or more Magi are in one area and thus one Enigma source and thus have a battle Royale using Xenaphili are proxies to decide who gets the land, and in the end getting "rid" of the six other Magi as well as possibly keeping their summoned Xenaphili free of Enigma charge.) Where she is summoned by certain masked individual who like her has long unpaid debts to the Fey. And thus now has a since a loyalty to him and seeks to accomplish their mutual goals, essentially becoming his "dragon".

She adopted the name Lelia as to remove herself from the name which now is tainted curse upon herself.

In terms of abilities, she has three unique ones which make her a nightmare to human opponents:

Gae-Lilith: Adam's Bane: A crimson red spear of which can kill any human man by immediately and without fail striking their Adam's Apple, going through any obstacle in flesh or armor to get to it. Only effects human males though, and can be used like any other spear against other opponents.

Shroud of Banishment: Eve's Spite: A leather, "shroud" of which whips from her arm to instantly "bind" any human female that it is used against. Its a reverse gender-version of Caren Hortensia's shroud which binds any male...but I didn't wish to copy, so Instead did the reverse-gender thing, depsite how "me" it is.

Mantle of Morrigan: A cursed cloak and helm of which obscures her and prevents any curses coming from her body or against it. She acquires this after the Magi-War however. Its rumored to have been made for Diarmuid O'Dyna to prevent his curse from getting too problematic...a bit too late on that one.

In terms of personality, she is actually pretty decent of a character, immense loyalty and moral standards to her new summoner (and potential husband) however marred by immense anger, and sadomasochistic tendencies against herself and others. Her previously personality before the 4,000 year long break the cutie fest was a shy, subservient, and gentle traditional housewife (as expected of the time) now she's a cold lady of war, but traces of her original self are beggining to resurface the closer the two reach their inevitable goal...

So yup, KAS Lilith.

(Oh man, the design here homages so many characters I like, favorite hero (Guts), favorite villain(Griffith), favorite female characters (Michelle K. Davis, Hanako Ikezawa, some Ruki Makino), favorite "bro" character (Lancer!CuChulainn)... and so many other things I love about this design)

(Also Xenaphili have bad eyesight due to the curse preventing freewill which manifests as a blind fold thus free Xenaphili often require some sort of eye-sight support)

(Those red scar-like marks are Enigma Energies surging through body causing some of her veins or "circuits" to inflame all over her body like that)
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