Grecian Light Show Picture

The mare looked around with disgust as she saw so many horses with their tails and manes braided or wrapped, do they not have the pride of their breeds? Their long manes and tails were part of what made Zeus love them. She shook her head and got herself ready, she meditated, getting her powers ready and her self ready to accept Zeus. Her entire performance was going to be one huge prayer of dedication to her beloved God, hoping he would see and know she was working her way back to him.
Her love for Zeus went above and beyond what even she understood and would do any and everything to get back to her master.
She had always worshiped Zeus, even after he cast them out. She blamed those that were sneaking about for their fall and didn't let herself near any of them. She sidestepped away from a group of stallions that were eyeing her. She sent a small spirit to flow through them, giving them chills and making them spook and trot away a bit. Now they were eyeing her with new meaning.
She decided she would do a dressage dance to show her adoration to Zeus, even used her mediumship powers to bring to life a greek man that looked like Zeus and a bald eagle, Zeus's bird.

She started off slow, letting her movements liquify while she concentrated on Zeus and the ghost she was trying to show. She closed her eyes and felt the ghost melt into being, she heard the crowd gasp as he lowered his fists and lightening flashed outwards from him, as well as a ghost of a bald eagle. She kept her eyes closed, just focusing on her movements and controling the ghosts, all in the name of Zeus. As she danced faster the ghost of "Zeus" kept a steady beat going with lightening putting on a show in itself while the ghost of the eagle danced around with the mare. She was completely enthralled in what she was doing, forgetting the crowd anf focusing on trying to prove her love to Zeus. She began to sweat and glisten with the light from the lightening lighting up her and her world.
With lightening flashing and the tempo of the music getting faster and more heart pumping she took the breath out of everyone at the show. Her dedication to Zeus showing in every move of her body, completely unadorned to show her love for Zeus and how humble she was to be loved by Him. She opened her eyes and reared mightily as "Zeus" flashed another few bolts of lightening up into the sky and the eagle screeched and flew straight up and dissipated.
"For the love of Zeus!" She cried into the minds of every person and animal within about a mile. As she landed all the lights went out and all you could see was the last fading light from the dissapearing Zeus ghost as it reflected from her eyes, then nothingness.


So after seeing the other entries I'm pretty positive I'm not even going to place but I really enjoyed creating a character for her (even if it was just for this show) and researching the breed and the mythology. I really love this breed
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