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Bermuda Tetradent

Little Tooth
-Gills(See Jesse profile)
-Bioluminecents(See Jesse profile)
-Saw Jaws: Little Tooth inherited his mothers unique jaw structure. His bite is every bit as devastating as his mothers and then some. This gives not one, but two deadly bite forces to the Bermuda Tetradent Group.

About as aggressive and bullheaded as his mother, but with a more inquisitive view upon the surface world. Little Tooth, young and impressionable, quickly became the spearhead of the entire “domesticating wild kaiju” project that would soon skyrocket into production only months after his birth. He, out of his siblings and mother, was easiest to train. So well disciplined and taught that he is about as reliable as Shairka is to Marian. Thought is still subordinate to his mother, who leads the Bermuda Tetradent.

-Gills(See Jesse Profile)
-Bioluminescent(See Jesse Profile)
-Battering Skull: Amphitrite seems to be the only one in the group that has little or nothing to do with the species as the others do. She has less bioluminescent markings(but still are present) then the others and has no special hinged jaw like Little Tooth or Jesse. Instead, she has a very boney skull that makes up her bread and butter as far as fighting goes. This extra armor allows not only for great defense, but amazing offense. Putting all of her effort into just ramming foes can result in severe blunt force trauma in Kaiju. Something to great consider when in a confrontation with her. It is also very flat and rigid, and only got more so with aging.

Only female to the group, Amphitrite the least controllable of the packs members. While she is normally intolerant of her handlers, she can at least be pointed in the right direction. Blood is thicker then water, as the saying goes. As long as mother and siblings are in tow, she is normally as dangerous and valuable as they are. She is the largest of the three siblings and uses that to her advantage in various situations.

-Gills(See Jesse profile)
-Bioluminescent(See Jesse profile)
-Vice Jaws: Following the formula that the others have, Monty too has a adaptation for his skull. Where Little Tooth and Jesse have jaws that can rapidly jerk back and forth like a saw, Monty’s overgrown under-bite has a powerful trigger muscle that allows his mouth to clamp shut within ½ of a second with immense pressure. Quite a measurable amount of force that could easily severe a monsters limp and leave targets lopped in half before they knew what hit them.

Monty virtually has two modes. A bullshit mode, then the “KILLEVERYTHINGATANYCOST” mode. About as Bi-Polar as hot and cold, day and night, etc. Most of the time he is a very calm, mellow kaiju that more or often observes situations above any action, and when action is taken, its normally for his own amusement. Anything from bumping ships to tearing some random object to pieces. Somewhat inquisitive, really. In a way very similar to Shairka’s attitude, but less concerned if something gets destroyed.
Once he is started thought, he tends to rage on and on until he quite literally exhausts himself. Such modes are often brought about by extreme startles, danger, blood, and overall excitement. Easily trained, though, and still defends the other members of the family.

The battle that shook the bay had come to an abrupt halt now had turn into a full blown recovery project. Remaining civilians and citizens were being evacuated and the surrounding area blocked off on all sides. The exit to the bay, for the moment anyway, was blocked off from the main ocean by several heavy nets to prevent Jesse from escaping.
With the bay entirely devoid of boat and other monsters, Jesse at last was at ease of mind to give birth. It couldn’t be held off a minute longer. Nothing could stop it.
Breathing heavily, Jesse’s gills worked to supply oxygen to her aching muscles. The first was painful, but a start. In a cloud of blood, she birthed the first pup in the water. At first it was motionless. Did the battle cause a death? No, in a few moments the newborn kicked to life. A male, looking almost like its mother. He immediately swam into his mothers shadow, near the bottom. He was afraid. Any newborn would be at first. Even though he was larger then any known Mosasaur, he was still a small newborn.

On the shore nearby, the team was documenting the birth of new monsters. These were creatures that were going on record. Not just record either, but a possible program. The UN was seriously considering it, from what could be guessed.
Leading the documentation was of course, Josephina Marian. Nigel was with her thought, taking video and picture evidence of the event. Kaijuology not being his major, he was ever more drawn into the subject ever since his own gar monster had mutated. “One born,” he announced as he watched through a headset. Video feed was being transmitted to him. “Big baby… It must be at least forty feet.”
Writing the names down, Marian only spoke absently in reply. “Hilarity ensues, Nigel. Biggest Mosasaur on fossil record was about forty feet. Most would soil themselves if they saw this. Can you tell if its male or female?”
“I can’t tell for sure,” he replied. “Looks like a boy if I had say so. Not that I would know.”
For a moment, Marian thought about it. What to name him… She always named them. Then a idea. “Zero,” she called.
From afar, Zero turned his head. The teenager was standing on duty with Vagrant, doing who knows what. After a brief word with the mercenary, he walked over. “Yeah?”
She was nonchalant. “The first one was born. I was thinking about naming it, but… What if you want to name him?”
The offer caught him off guard, but a tad confused as well. “Me?”
Well, she did offer. For a moment he thought about it, then walked over to where Nigel was staring. After taking his place at the view, he came back to Marian. “Call me childish, but I like the name… Little Tooth.”
Little Tooth? Thinking on it herself, Marian shrugged. “It works well, for me. Little Tooth it is.” Written in ink.

It wasn’t long before the second was born. This one was much easier then the first. One birth already made it easier for another. Another cloud of blood and another newborn kaiju was released into the world. Broad head, lacking half its glowing capacity, it was sure an oddball compared to its mother and brother.
Swimming was not one to come naturally. Unlike the other newborn, this one could barley keeps its head aimed up and level out. No matter; swimming will come naturally enough.

“That’s two,” she replied to Nigel. A moment later she was given a picture, taken by Nigel himself. Noting the look, she noticed the lack of glowing markings. “This one lacks markings. Mutation, maybe?” Even though she didn’t speak loudly enough for anyone to hear, let alone reply. This one was odd, since it wasn’t much like its mother. Perhaps taking after the father? Hard to say. Kaiju were bizarre enough to spawn from random anomalies.
Now for a name. Recalling some mythology, she remembered the name of Poseidon’s kin. Though foggy, the name Amphitrite seemed fitting. Given if it was female… If it was female, that would be a good enough name. Until its gender was proven, it would be a later decision.

Then came the third, and final birth. This one was a big of an oddball do. First look, it seemed deformed. The lower jaw curled forward and up, giving the baby a under bite that made it even more alien then the both siblings.
Even its motor skills seemed off. Both Amphitrite and Littletooth were lively… This one was not. Sluggishly it floated forward with dazed eyes. Not a very active fellow. Perhaps the damages from the mothers fight had left it forever unable to function right. Only time would tell.

“And three.” Nigel snapped the picture. A moment later and he brought it over to Marian. “I think that’s all. I don’t see how she could birth any more then that.”
After taking the picture and writing some more paperwork, she asked, “How does the name Monty, sound?”
Nigel could only shrug. “Good as any other name, I guess. Not like its my pet.”
Pet… That brought up a topic. “I wonder who will try and tame them?”
“Not quite something I would look forward too,” her friend replied.
“How so?”
“There mosasaurs. Aggressive top predators… And there newborns with a overprotective mother. Its not like a lazy garfish or a super smart orca shark.”
“She isn’t an orca,” she retorted.
He replied with, “She acts like one.”
True enough, she decided on. Shairka did act more like a dolphin or whale more then any shark she knew of. Save maybe Great Whites, but no one ever tried training a great white shark. Smart or not. Perhaps Nigel had a point. This wasn’t a shark, these were reptiles that had a reputation as aggressive predators just by the judging that they are closely related to snakes and monitor lizards. Come to think of it… That makes them closely related to Crypt Dragons as well. Whether that was good or bad was hard to tell as of yet, though.
At last she said, “I don’t know who will train them… Or anything. But I have a faith in the project.” Then she added, “If it gets off the ground…”

On the outside of the bay came work boats made for heavy lifting. Among them were construction machines and supplies. As it turned out the barrier create a water gate to contain the monsters was being rushed into overtime.
Inside the bay was several defense ships that were meant to keep the monsters from attacking while construction went underway. This once thriving community on the ocean shore now was now officially government property.

At least the fight was over. Now it was just pain the ass paperwork. “Come on, I gotta send these papers in,” Marian told Nigel.

Following days revealed that the plan to domesticate the monsters came full circle. The sealed off area was renamed Tetradent Bay. Tetradent, being a combination of Tetra and Trident. Training of the newborns was to be handled by a man named Alvin Stevenson, age twenty-nine who previously worked at Sea World with cetaceans and other marine mammals. Intimidated at first, he still took the job. Methods were already being considered and tested with the newborns. It was his idea to name the pack “Bermuda Tetradent” as they may have come from deep water trenches in the Bermuda Triangle.
Their mother though is less cooperative. Many hope that once her babies are under control, she will follow with the group and be just as valuable an asset.
Other monsters that appeared off Florida’s coast are still being tracked. Least concern is that of the monster known as Kelpi, who remains peaceful toward the human inhabitants of the state. Charlie on the other hand is still keeping a low profile. Many worry the shark will become a later problem.

However the main issue at hand was not these monsters. As it turned out, reports were coming from all over the globe about monster sightings from coast to coast. A massive fish in the pacific was sighted doing combat with what seemed to be a massive insect. Down off the coast of Rio was the claim of a giant mammal that has been smashing ships into pieces. Even scarier, a creature even larger then all was rumored to be patrolling the Galapagos isles that may be the largest monster on record.
Every corner of planet earth began to boil with monsters. A second voyage would be unavoidable…


And the first plot, is over. Given my computer issues, I am fucking glad.

This profile is unique, because it involves not just one monster; but four. Including one that already has its own, Jesse. This profile was to introduce all three newborn mosasaurs(yes, three) instead of making three individual profiles now... or even later on.
Down to it, it was half being lazy and half trying to do something else. Bleh. Mostly being lazy. Sort of introducing a team profile, rather then a single monster profile.

Now there is a whole family of monsters to become a fighting force for humanity. Now idea of domesticating wild kaiju is in this verse... and maybe the other verses? Because far as I seen, no many people take a wild monster and try to domesticate it. There always cloned or the monster chooses to follow humanity. But humanity gathering a wild monster and training it? Feels new to me.

What is to come later? .... I ain't sure yet. Monster wise, yes. Story wise, not so much. And it might stay that way for a while, or even a very long time until I can get my computer problems fixed.

Do enjoy. Stay tuned, all that good stuff.
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