Poke-App Edgard Picture

Edgard is a calm and mysterious man who is of few words. When not working you can usually find him walking near a cemetery or sitting by a weeping willow reading a book.
When confronted he is polite and shy. It takes him some time before he can fully be himself around others.
While working, the dead sometimes call him Minos (from the Inferno), because he keeps his tail hidden by wrapping it around his body under his coat.

Books-his favorite is the Divine Comedy
black cats
Classical Music

young children- especially when he's working (hates to see a dead child)
obnoxious and rude people
being pinched

Edgard was always surrounded by the dead because his father was an undertaker and his mother could speak to spirits. Becoming highly interested in his mother's abilities, Edgard researched the afterlife and helped his father often in the family parlor. He has always kept a copy of the book "The Inferno" by Dante since the age of 10. After reading the book, his mother taught him how to speak to spirits and how to help them find their place in the afterlife.
His parents died when he turned 18. He followed his parents' souls to the afterlife, where he made sure they would be lead to paradise rather than be wondering the world for eternity. Ever since that day/night he has returned to the afterlife assisting other spirits to paradise.

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