Reactions to Tentaclino Picture

This deivation is of Aadi and Omar's reactions to the movie Tentaclino. Tentaclino is the sequel to another movie called "Legend of the Titan". All I can say about this movie......... the creators were drugged out of their minds! BTW, this movie was originally Italian so I was going to have Alessandra Sofia react to it but instead I chose Aadi and Omar because one of the character in Tentaclino is a talking dog named Smiles and of all the characters, he's pretty much the only likeable character in this movie and the movie should've focaused around him instead. There were also two talking mice who also play a big part in the movie. Smiles and the mice remind me alot of Aadi and Omar so I decided to have them react to the movie.

This movie is terrible! For one, it takes place in Atlantis, the most Overused mythological city in media! Everything it does and over does. The ending of this movie was very stupid and misleading, the animation was choppy, the lipsinking was awful, 86% of this movie is nothing but boring filler, the conflict doesn't come in until HALF WAY into the freakin movie, and some of the characters are also stereotypes towards people who are Gay, Scotish, Chinese and were apart of the Titanic. Another thing I hate about the characters is how incredibly stupid they are! And the bad guys are eather just as stupid or just there for the sake of having an antagonist.

....What can I say about this movie? Just look at this one scene from the movie and it'll tell you everything…
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