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This is the biggerish size of Duška.
You will find her application here: Requiem Signs Application: Duska

Name: Duška (Pronounced DAH-SKAH, Slavonic-Czech meaning; 'Soul' or 'Spirit').
Nickname: 'Banshee'.
Gender: Female.
Age: 20 years old.
Height: 151 cm.
Weight: 45 Kg.
Breasts: C cup. >////<
Kingdom: Air.
Star-sign: Gemini.
Unit: Combat.
Position: Diversion.
Rank: Rogue.
Level: 1.

Pokemon: Banette.
Strong feelings of hatred turned a puppet into a Pokémon. It seeks the child that disowned it.
Type: Ghost
Ability: Insomnia.
Prevents the Pokémon from falling asleep.
• Curse; Ghost-type Pokémon uses 50% of their max HP to place a curse on the target. The cursed Pokémon loses 25% of their max HP every turn.
Type: GHOST | Category: STATUS | Power: -- | Accuracy: --

• Ominous Wind; User creates a gust of repulsive wind and has a 10% chance of raising user's Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed by one stage each.
Type: GHOST | Category: SPECIAL | Power: 60 | Accuracy: 100

• Shadow Ball; User hurls a black blob with a 20% chance of lowering the target's Special Defense by one stage.
Type: GHOST | Category: SPECIAL | Power: 80 | Accuracy: 100

• Shadow Claw; User slashes with sharp claw that has an increased critical hit ratio.
Type: GHOST | Category: PHYSICAL |Power: 70 | Accuracy: 100

• Puppets.
• Museums and theatre.
• Mystery, riddles, and enigmas.
• Stories and old tales.
• The old and antique.
• Low visibility - ie. Mist, fog, or darkness.
• Origami ((thanks to her library adventure due to Uzek))

• Colour (excluding shades).
• The normal (including Pokémon).
• Herbs and spices.
• The heat and sunlight.
• Children and those who are childish.

Emotionally detached | Manipulative | Distant | Secretive | Impatient || Frightened | Innocent

Just as a Gemini; Duška has two personalities. The most predominant is of a cold and distant personality full of hatred. The other is of a frightened and innocent little girl who wishes to someday make a special connection with another. Duška's predominant personality was originally a way in suppressing her issues of abandonment. As years past, the cold, emotionally detached personality became who she is, and the frightened little girl ceased to exist.

Duška does not feel at unease very often, giving the impression of emotionally detached. She simply dismisses anything that comes across as unpleasant and couldn't care less about what she says or does to others. She enjoys mentally and emotionally tormenting others and can be manipulative, as if the world were just puppets. She is however; impatient, and begins to get frustrated when she is unable to figure something out. On rare occasions, her suppressed personality slips through, and she begins to show emotion; feeling sorrow for others and wanting a closer bond and affection.

Duška was born with the Gemini birthmark on her left hand; and so, Duška's mother eventually disowned her, leaving her an abandoned child out of fear of what she would one day become. Evidently, no-one knew of her existence, it was as if Duška was a ghost [DUN DUN DUNNNN]. Scavenging through dark alleys to survive, Duška eventually found a puppet; abandoned just like her and oped to find the child who owns it. A child, no older then herself showed recognition. Duška kindly smiled and held up the puppet, only to have the door slammed in her face and the child shrieking "GET IT AWAY FROM ME". Duška stood by the door for a short moment in shock. In order to deal with her emotions: she suppressed them. Her hatred for others began to grow and she became cold and sadistic, eventually losing her innocence in the process. Duška did however decide to keep the puppet and it became the only thing she showed emotion towards.

At the age of 16, Duška noticed she had the unusual abilities of the Pokémon banette. Since she was very young, Duška overheard many conversations as people walked by; whom had not noticed the little girl in the dark alleys. A story that she had only heard a few times was one of the powerful and legendary guardians - God like humans who possessed the powers of Pokémon. As her newly found powers were unstable; Duška closely observed the Pokémon banette, imitating them, until she had enough control over her powers to conceal them.

Duška then had a change in lifestyle, becoming a thief. Because of her ghost-like traits and her ability to foresee possible outcomes of various scenarios; Duška appeared to become one with the shadow, unable to be seen and caught. Her stealthy actions were what made the military decide on her diversion position when she reached the age of 17. Although Duška possesses great hatred towards others and has no ambition to protect her kingdom, she willingly joined the military for reasons of her own.

Weapon: Dagger.
Duška's dagger is pretty ordinary, besides the unique design of it. It is predominately a stabbing weapon, though it can be used to block certain weapons. Duška tips the weapon with sleep powder in the event that someone takes her blade. As Duška's ability is insomnia, she is immune to the effects.

Attack: ○
Defense: ○
Speed: ○ ○ •
Stamina: ○
Dexterity: ○ ○ ○
Intelligence: ○ ○ ○ ○ •

EXP: 140
+ 10 for new stat.
+ 110 to level up.
+ 360 to learn new move.

Additional Information:
• Duška has a cold essence that surrounds her.
• Duška has a very pale complexion and silver hair. This is how she received the nickname 'Banshee' - As the mythological creatures known as banshees have this attribute. Or you can say... 'As pale as a ghost' //avoids bullets.
• Duška is very small and has a young appearance for her age.
• Duška occasionally stutters the word 'ku' at the end of her sentences.
• At the event of someones death; Duška will mutter "caoineadh, caoin"; meaning 'to weep, to wail'. Another attribute of the mythological banshee.
• Duška occasionally wanders the streets at night scaring children with her puppetry.
• Duška never learned to read or write, despite her illiteracy - she is very intelligent.
• Duška has a canine tooth - replacing Banette's zipper tooth.
• Duška ALWAYS wears her hood when outside in the daylight.
• When in battle, Duška zips her dress and wears light armor underneath.

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