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Equally respected and feared by his contemporaries, Egill Haraldsson was a notorious Viking. He was born in Norway in about 770 AD, and lived to be 55, when he was killed by one of the many enemies he made throughout his life.

Many stories were apparently written about Egill the Steelbreaker, but most of the manuscripts perished in the Copenhagen Fire of 1728.
The last surviving manuscript describing the adventures of this Viking was rediscovered in the year 2435, after it was found gathering dust in a safe belonging to OWLF (Other World Life Forms, a US-based extraterrestrial research institute that can in many ways be considered the American counterpart to Torchwood).

The story of Egill the Steelbreaker (not to be confused with "Egils saga Skallagrímssonar") is a typical Viking saga, full of blood feuds, betrayal and fights to the death. Like many other sagas, it also dabbles in the supernatural.

Egill Haraldsson earned the nickname of Steelbreaker (Old Norse: "stálbrjótr") at the age of 25, after he famously encountered Ögmundr Arnaldsson, a local outlaw, who was trying to steal some of his father's sheep.
The two men fought an epic duel that ended with Egill allegedly striking Ögmundr's sword so hard that it broke in half. Egill then decapitated Ögmundr.

One remarkable chapter describes in a surprisingly detailed account how Egill (about 10 years after slaying Ögmundur the outlaw) and three of his friends were haunted by an "einherji", who had apparently been cast out of Valhalla for betraying Odin (in Norse mythology, the einherjar were the ghosts of warriors who died in battle, and were carried by Valkyries to Valhalla to fight alongside the gods).
The "einherji" picked off the Vikings one by one, killing one with a bolt of lightning, another with a magical flying axe, and the third one with a collapsible spear made of pure metal.
Eventually, the spirit came after Egill. The "einherji", who apparently wielded two swords in one hand, duelled with Egill for a whole day and a whole night. As the sun of the second day rose, an exhausted and wounded Egill finally vanquished his foe, stabbing him right through the heart.
The body of the "einherji" was then placed in a longboat, set on fire, and pushed out to sea, due to its spiritual significance to the pagan Norsemen.

Galactic historians were astounded by this particular chapter. The description of the "einherji" closely matches that of a Yautja (a.k.a. a Predator). If true, then that makes this the only known written account of a human in the pre-industrial era successfully killing a Yautja and living to tell the tale.

Another chapter of the saga also mentions an encounter with elves, but most of this part of the story is missing...

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