Uh...oops... Picture

"Uh....oops....wasn't me..." she thought as she snuck off.

They never did figure out stole The Herald's Chest, opened it, and thereby called forth the slumbering gods. The gods were angry and wanted to punish those who had placed them in their deep sleep, but lucky, The Herald's Chest was soon discovered to have been returned and the village elders and mages soon set about placing the angry gods back into their [hopefully] endless slumber. But not before they had released a curse on mankind that never again will they be immortal but should rather grow old and ill and die.

Dear sweet Pandora, her curiosity finally got the best of her....and mankind. Good thing no one discovered it was her who opened The Herald's Chest...

A new little version of Pandora's Box by me....enjoy

Love how this turned out... The ruins and background sat on my computer for over a yr waiting to be used with one of Cait's Pandora poses. Decided to finish up the background last night [cutting out the ruins so background would be visible] and started playing with throwing different fractals in there to see what worked. There are 8 in there that are mine. Once I got those perfect I started to hunt thru all the model stock saved on my computer and settled on this Pandora after none of the other models and pictures seemed to fit. This worked perfect....gave it that how "oops" feeling and the story went from there. LOL


Stock used

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