Grienne Erin Kirkland Tara (Modern) Picture

Ok so I guess it's time for some trivia!
Her name Grienne is pronounced "Gran YAY" and she is named after Grienne O'Mally, a famous Irish female pirate who drew the attention of Queen Elizabeth herself. As well as Grienne from the story "The pursuit of Diarmund and Grienne", who was Dairmund's lover and the princess of Fionn.
Her middle name "Erin" is Scottish for "Green" and "to the west". It's Allistor's nickname for her, like Ireland calls Scotland "Alba"
Kirkland is the family name, she kept it after she left the UK to show that she was still partially aligned with her brothers (She represents the entire island, and not just the main part)
Tara is a location in Ireland, the "Place of High Kings". It was the place where the Irish fought the Nordic Vikings in the Battle of Tara and is rumored to be the resting place of High King Lugh (who was also a god in Irish Mythology)
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